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In Modern world of architecture complex buildings are constructed day by day. To improve the efficiency of the work and reduce the cost of erection MEP plays a major role. MEP is usually short for a firm that handles Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing on a construction project, In our training we are handling the design sections of MEP. MEP(mechanical electrical plumbing) one of the most job oriented sector in India, midlist and European countries .In MEP design the major topics re HVAC (heating ventilation air-conditioning system), Electrical system design, firefighting design and plumbing and drainage design. In HVAC design we have to calculate load calculation, ductdesign, ductfabrication, pipesizing, pressure loss calculation, Ext…… The main aim is to maintain living and working comfort to people also have to maintain proper ventilation too. In electrical system design we have to calculate the total load used by commercial building, residential building and industrial buildings. Also find out the selection of switch gears and conducting system, fault level detection , transformer & generator selection, Earthing and protective measures . In Electrical system design our main aim is to ensure electrical safety and maintain energy efficiency. Firefighting and plumbing designs are used to ensure safety and water efficiency .In firefighting design commonly used sprinklers and fire extinguisher are used to contaminate fire in case of fire emergency. In plumbing we have to calculate and find out the pressure head and water tank capacity to ensure equal flow of water to all piping networks. In Kollam CAREER TECH MEP Design Academy provides best design oriented training in MEP, HVAC, FIREFIG HTING, electrical system design, plumbing and drainage design sectors. We guaranty you the best MEP training in Kollam. After our two or three month training your knowledge level will be equal to minimum one year experienced engineer.



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