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DIPLOMA IN MEP(Mechanical Electrical Plumbing)DESIGN & DRAFTING

While looking at the present day, numerous buildings are being constructed each day. Thus the need for experienced and efficient workers is also increasing in the construction industry.MEP; otherwise known as Mechanical Electrical Plumbing .It plays a significant role in the field of construction. The demand of MEP professionals are increasing on huge projects like the construction of shopping malls, hospitals, amusement parks, airports and other commercial buildings and industries in developed and fast growing countries.MEP professionals have great scope on construction industries in Middle East and Western Countries.

MEP includes Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing and Firefighting.

The Mechanical part deals with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and is known as HVAC. The HVAC design deals with the, installation, maintenance and repair in air conditioning and heating components with operational efficiency and energy savings. The main aim of HVAC system is to provide comfortable temperature and good air quality by maintaining proper ventilation on buildings.

The Electrical part deals with the designing, installation, maintenance of electrical components such as light systems, telecommunication systems fire alarm systems and inspection of electrical components in residential and commercial buildings etc. The goal of Electrical system is to ensure safety and power efficiency.

The Plumbing part deals with the analysis, design, installation, maintenance and repair of pipes, valves and other systems that deals with the transportation and distribution of water and the disposal of drainage and sewage.

Firefighting design is inevitable in every residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It deals with the designing of fire controlling, protection and emergency evacuation management in buildings, the water supply for firefighting, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and other fire detection systems.



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